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Casting Ways embarked on its journey in 2019, founded by Sir Sankar Maity, to establish itself as a prominent casting and film production company. Situated at 38A, K. M. Naskar Road, Kolkata-700040, we have consistently delivered exceptional entertainment experiences to our audience.

Our commitment lies in recognizing, acquiring, and presenting extraordinary talent within the industry. Since inception, we have remained dedicated to talent acquisition and production, leveraging modern technology to enhance visibility.

As we evolve, Casting Ways is embracing digital advancements for wider outreach. Our focus is on fostering emerging talent and profiles aspiring to venture into the entertainment sector. Additionally, we have fostered a robust network of professional artists spanning various genres. Our successful collaborations encompass assignments ranging from films and music to serials.

At the heart of our mission is the empowerment of careers within the entertainment industry. With the guidance of experts at Casting Ways, careers are not just created but strategically channeled. We believe in first identifying talent, followed by creating and assessing portfolios, ultimately sculpting a bright future in the entertainment realm.

our mission

At Casting Ways, our mission is to engage with the film fraternity, catering to the evolving demands and needs of the entertainment sector. Simultaneously, we aspire to position ourselves as a prominent brand in the industry’s future landscape.

With a strong focus on artist-friendliness, we are committed to creating a user-friendly platform for those who seek to delve into the world of showbiz. Moreover, we are actively stepping beyond our comfort zones, diligently harnessing technology to drive creativity to new heights.

our vision

Casting Ways is a dedicated enterprise with a clear focus on being a trailblazer in the industry. Our vision extends to being a key pillar of support for the increasing demands of talented models, artists, and emerging faces. Our team of experts is actively involved in fostering an inclusive and compassionate society, cultivating a distinctive community of highly skilled professional artists who are deeply connected to their surroundings.

Our overarching goal is to showcase the undiscovered wellsprings of talent to the global stage. Moreover, we are committed to ensuring that no talent remains overlooked, continuously seeking innovative avenues to captivate and engage the world.

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